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At The Renewables People, we’re on a mission to revolutionise energy sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. 

With our speciality in home improvements such as ASHP, solar PV, and insulation, we help you reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you get the energy cost savings you deserve.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future!


Our Green Initiatives

Extracting heat from outdoor air to provide heating and hot water for homes, offering energy efficiency and reduced bills.

Converting sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaic cells that provide renewable and clean energy to your home.

Providing heat to your home from a single point, typically via radiators powered by various sources.

Trapping heat and helping maintain desired temperature in your home. There are several types of roof insulation, including room-in-roof, loft, and rafter insulation.

Improving energy efficiency by adding insulating material to walls, which can be installed internally, externally, or within cavities.

Limiting heat loss by adding insulation under or above surfaces, reducing heat escaping into the ground or preventing draughts.

Provides grants for energy-efficient heating upgrades and home insulations with the aim of reducing your carbon emissions and energy bills.

Aims to assist lower-income households and lesser energy-efficient homes in lower council tax bands to insulate their homes while simultaneously reducing their energy costs.

Provides funding for eligible low-income households off the gas grid, allowing you to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and heating

Aims to get rid of your existing gas and oil heating by enabling you to switch to low carbon heating systems.

Pays you for the solar energy you generate. You can reduce your bills by using this energy and sell the unused energy back to the national grid.

6 Steps For A Greener Home

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Please fill out our form. An advisor will reach out to discuss your options and schedule a free, no-obligation home survey. Click here to access the form.


Our surveyor will visit your property at a time convenient for you to measure and photograph all areas inside and outside your property.


Our team assesses the survey to identify ideal energy-saving improvements for your property. We will contact you to discuss your options and agree on a plan.


You will be sent a written home improvement plan by our retrofit coordinator, you will need to digitally sign and return this plan.


Our install booking team will be in touch to agree installation date(s) once a plan has been agreed upon.


Installation will take place as per details mentioned on our product page. Our team will then send out your paperwork and warranties within 2-8 weeks

Big Saving With Small Changes

With energy prices on the rise, solar panels can save you money on bills and also help you generate cash through the SEG scheme.

By choosing the right tariff you can save up to £405/year by generating your own energy and selling it back on the grid.

Real Stories, From Real People.

I received one of their letters through the post and enquired about it. Surveyor came out and few weeks later heating has been installed and working well. Ben, Kenny and Lewis were superstars! Worked hard, tidy, careful with flooring, listened to us and worked along with what we wanted. Malachy and James in the office patiently answered all my questions! I think half of these reviews on here must be scams. Who bothers to write a review about an unsolicited letter! If I hadn't received it I wouldn't have my nice new heating system. Date of experience

Naomy Hennessy

Wow! I am so happy. Had the pleasure of Mo and his team come to our home to install a new heating system and they was brilliant. Worked fast and clean, taking care to explain everything to me. I was unsure about the company after seeing the reviews, but they must be wrong! Shout out to Donna and Malachy in the office, who organised everything and provided everything I needed. 10/10 would recommend. Date of experience

Jacob Daniels

The work men for heat pump were great The work men for heat pump were great, very quick and without error. Fitted the heat pump and radiators very well. They clearly knew what they are doing. I recommend them for the ECO4

Melanie King

Very Happy- Brilliant process from start to finish. Can't fault the office staff or installers. Installers cleared up after themselves and very friendly people. New solar panels work like a dream, 100% would recommend Date of experience

Daren Reid



Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels in the UK can last 25-30 years, delivering clean and renewable energy, depending on how well they are maintained.

The installation of solar panels on residential properties typically takes several days to a couple of weeks, depending on factors like system size and complexity. For a more accurate estimation, please fill out the form.

You can lower your energy bills by incorporating energy-efficient appliances, enhancing home insulation, and harnessing renewable energy sources like solar panels. These measures can help you save money while being environmentally conscious at the same time.

The 2023 insulation grant, also referred to as ECO+, is a specialised part of the ECO scheme, aimed at supporting vulnerable households. See if you qualify

Energy efficiency matters because it helps save money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves natural resources, and promotes a sustainable future by reducing our environmental impact.

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