Leading The Charge
To A Greener Future

With the world focusing on reducing its carbon emissions, the UK has set its sights on achieving a net-zero target. Upgrade your home with energy-efficient improvements and low-carbon heating to not only reduce your bills but also combat the fuel crisis.

Our Green

ECO4 Scheme

Provides grants for energy-efficient heating upgrades and home insulations with the aim of reducing your carbon emissions and energy bills.


Aims to assist lower-income households and lesser energy-efficient homes in lower council tax bands to insulate their homes while simultaneously reducing their energy costs.

HUG Scheme

Home Upgrade Grant
Provides funding for eligible low-income households off the gas grid, allowing you to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and heating.

BUS Scheme

Boiler Upgrade Scheme
Aims to get rid of your existing gas and oil heating by enabling you to switch to low carbon heating systems.

SEG Scheme

Smart Export Guarantee
Pays you for the solar energy you generate. You can reduce your bills by using this energy and sell the unused energy back to the national grid.