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Over 25% of boiler generated heats escape through the roof every year across households in the UK. The Renewables People is on hand to support every homeowner and tenant that qualifies for roof insulation installations funded under ECO 4.

How It Works

Roof insulation traps heat and helps maintain desired temperatures in homes. There are several types of roof insulation, including room-in-roof, loft, and rafter insulation.


The installation of Solar Pvs takes place in two stages – panels and electrical wiring.


The first step is to assess whether the house is suitable for a room-in-roof insulation installation


The next step is to gain access to concealed areas for correct insulation fitting.


Insulation boards are then manufactured as per household requirements

Board Fitting

Boards are then fit between rafters and plasterboard walls for heat retention.


The roof is reboarded and re-plasterd for a warm living space

*Note Room-in-roof insulation usually takes two days to complete



Insulation rolls, made from earth wool, are rolled in between the loft’s joists.


An additional layer is placed over the top to prevent any gaps where heat could potentially escape.


Insulation rolls are then bagged and fixed to the loft hatch, with draught-proofing applied to the rebate.

*NoteThe whole process should take about one hour, assuming the loft is clear before starting.



The first step is to ascertain the type of insulation to install: spray foam or rigid boards.


Clear out the attic space before installation.

Foam Application

If spray foam insulation is being installed, apply it evenly to the underside of the roof decking between the rafters. If rigid boards are being installed, cut them to size and insert them between the rafters.

Drying and curing

Spray foam insulation allows time for insulation to dry and cure. Note: The whole process takes longer than standard loft insulation, but experienced installers can complete the process within a day in most cases.

*Note The whole process takes longer than standard loft insulation, but experienced installers can complete the process within a day in most cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The main types of roof insulation include room-in-roof, loft, and rafter insulation, each offering unique benefits to trap heat and maintain desired temperatures in your home.

Roof insulation refers to insulating the entire roof structure, while loft insulation focuses on insulating the space between the ceiling and roof, providing energy efficiency and cost savings.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation, such as polyurethane foam, is commonly used for roof insulation. It provides excellent thermal insulation, air sealing, and moisture resistance properties.

Roof insulation can significantly improve your energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and maintaining desired temperatures. It helps lower your energy bills, enhances comfort, and contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon footprint.

The cost of roof insulation in the UK depends on factors like insulation type, roof size, and installation complexity. To get an accurate estimate for your house, fill the form.

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